A Tribute To





A marketplace is only as vibrant as

the people who gather to share their

talents, their labor, their enthusiasm

and their love for the community –

the vendors, the farmers, the

shoppers, and the folks who want to

be a part of the fellowship the

market provides. Through this

neighbor to neighbor contact,

comradery and reciprocity become

the basis for a culture of giving,

sharing and sustaining the

cooperative. Creating this exchange

is the job of volunteers who can be

counted on for being consistently

joyful and kind as they go about

their work making certain that each

market day is a memorable one.

Ten years ago, when the Mainstreet Farmers Market was just an ambitious idea for Statesboro, Steve Chester was a believer and an encourager. He came each Saturday morning, as the sun rose, and helped vendors pull out plants and produce and crafts and baked goods from their cars, trucks and trailers. He was available where ever and whenever needed. He saw the benefits of the Market for the community and looked for ways to improve the exchange.

Steve’s gift was his music. He knew that music would bring folks into the Market and keep them there shopping and he was right. He made certain that the Market had access to playlists that he recorded just for market days. Steve was a talented musician and knew many other music makers in our region.

He pulled together an array of entertain men teach Saturday. The Market became the scene for bands, acoustic guitar players, blues performers, folk music and gospel singers, drum circles, and swing and square dancers. Always, music filled the air around our market and spilled out onto Mainstreet.

Steve was a shopper so the Market was a natural place for him to be! He loved to purchase from each vendor every Saturday. He enjoyed the products and the foods but more than that, it made him very happy to know that vendors were making a sale.

What we will remember the most about Steve is that he was a wonderful ambassador for our community through our Market. Many will remember his broad smile, his twinkling blue eyes and his genuine interest in each and every person he greeted. He was so proud of what had been accomplished. He will be greatly missed, but his legacy will live on in the music, in the giving, and in the sharing of the Market community he helped to create.